About me

Hi, my name is Ann and I have a problem. It’s called decision paralysis or simply put, the inability to make choices without feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

It started when I was young and would take forever to pick out what candy I wanted at the store. As I grew older, it became more apparent in bigger decisions like choosing a college major or picking which job offer to accept.

The fear of making the wrong choice consumes me and often leads to procrastination or avoiding decisions altogether. Sometimes even simple tasks like deciding what outfit to wear can trigger my anxiety.

I envy those who seem able to make quick and confident decisions without any hesitation. But for me, every option feels equally daunting.

I’ve tried various strategies such as making lists of pros and cons, seeking advice from friends and family, but none seem to work consistently. It’s frustrating because it holds me back from pursuing opportunities that could potentially be great for me.